Handyman Services Atlanta

What We Do. Hiring handyman services in Atlanta.

When you have household odd jobs and chores that you don’t want to do or can’t do yourself, try our handyman services in Atlanta. We can help for a few hours or multiple days.  

Consider Hands You Demand your very own personal work crew.

We have your household to-do list covered.

Once one of our handymen in Atlanta arrive, we will take care of those household odd jobs, repairs, and to-do list, indoors and out, that you have been putting off, don’t want to do or cannot do by yourself. Our highly skilled handymen can take care of carpentry items, minor electrical, minor plumbing, painting, repairs, and small renovations. And our professional laborers can handle yard work, clean-ups, organizing attics, basements, and garages, painting, furniture assembly, moving, and other general labor projects. If you have other chores to do, please call us or write us to find out if we can help you with them. If your job can be classed as handyman or general labor, we can probably take it on.  

We provide workers for all seasons.

Our highly skilled handymen in Atlanta and professional laborers can take care of indoor and outdoor projects during every season of the year. From spring cleaning to cleaning up in the fall to winter maintenance, we can help you anytime.  

We provide professional, safe, secure handymen on demand. We also offer professional general laborers on demand who come with all the muscle. YOU provide the tools, supplies and direction.

Our handymen in Atlanta arrive with professional skills, strong hands and a work ethic to match. Just as if they were your own personal work team, our handymen bring all the necessary tools to complete your projects. For general labor jobs, you provide the tools or supplies that the laborers need to use on the job, and direct them to do the work the way you want it done. With Hands You Demand from Atlanta GA, you’re the foreman. Our team will view you as the boss, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

We’re available for a few hours or multiple days.

Sometimes you only need handymen in Atlanta for a few hours. Other times you might need help for a day or two…or maybe even an entire week. Whether your job takes a few hours or a few weeks, we’ll get it done for you! Our employees are diligent in their tasks, so your investment in their time is highly cost-effective.  

Avoid the home store day labor “mob scenes”.

You may have driven by the day labor pools that typically gather in front of the local home supply store. Maybe you have considered hiring a couple of guys for a few hours, but you didn’t. Why? It’s intimidating, unsafe, unreliable, and risky. We have removed the risk and intimidation, and added trustworthiness and reliability. We feel that our solution to temporary labor is superior. Your help for the day is made up of our permanent employees. You’re getting workers who have been carefully screened for your (and our) security.