Frequently Asked Questions

*nominal fee may be charged if you are outside the service area.

Do the workers speak English?

Yes, all workers speak English. Because we want our work to fully satisfy our customers, our team sees you as the boss. They have to understand the instructions given by the person in charge (that’s you), so we require that our handymen and laborers speak English fluently.

Are HYD employees background checked and legal US workers?

Yes, all of our employees are carefully background checked, and have the legal status to work in the US. We want you and your family to be safe, and we want our workers to be safe. This means that we are careful to only hire workers who ensure safety and security.

Is your company licensed & insured?

Yes we are fully licensed & insured. This includes general liability and full Workers’ Compensation insurance. All of our employees are bonded as well. One of the major advantages of working with our people is that we take responsibility for their well-being.

Do I have to pick-up and drop-off the workers?

No. All of our workers arrive in their own transportation. Unlike a “traditional” day labor experience, you are not responsible for worker transport. When it’s time for the job to start, our workers arrive on time, under their own power. When the job is done, they make their own way to their next destination.

Do the workers have tools and other supplies?

Yes & No. All of our handymen come with all the tools necessary to complete your project. Any necessary materials may be purchased by the customer in advance, or we can go get them for you. We do not mark up material costs; and, we provide all receipts. Also, if a technician has to go get materials then they will be on the clock during this time and normal hourly charges will apply. Our Hands You Demand laborers do not come with any tools or supplies. They do come with plenty of muscle and a great work ethic. It is up to you to provide the tools and supplies needed to get the job done. This helps keep our prices reasonable, and helps to ensure that the work gets done in exactly the way that you want.

Do you offer a haul away service?

No. We will, however, take any garbage or other debris to a designated area around your home (or to the curbside). If you need a full-service junk removal company, we will be happy to make a recommendation. We have had multiple good experiences with companies who remove junk. 1-800-Got-Junk, for instance, does an outstanding job.

Do you work on weekends?

Hands You Demand works six days a week (Monday-Saturday). Our service is perfect for helping YOU knock out that Saturday to-do list. We do not work on Sundays. We give our associates Sundays off, so they can spend time with their families and re-charge their batteries.

What happens if the job finishes early?

If a general labor job finishes early, you have the option to use the assigned laborers for other projects. You can also send them home, if you wish. If a handyman job goes into additional hours you will only be charged for every 15-minute interval until the job is finished. Example: If a job takes 3-hours and 15 minutes then you will only be charged 25% of the normal hourly rate for the 15 minutes, not 4-hours.

What happens if my job is going to take more time to complete?

Please call our Atlanta, GA office to arrange for additional time. We’ll be happy to work with you to ensure job completion – and your complete satisfaction.

Do I need to provide gloves?

No. Workers will provide their own gloves. We consider most clothing items to be different than the tools we require you to provide. However, if your job requires specialized items of clothing, you should plan on providing those items to our workers. If you have any questions, please contact us.

How do I pay?

After the scheduled time is complete, the worker(s) will present you with an invoice. You may then provide a debit card, credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express), check, or cash to the worker. All card payments are securely processed on wireless credit card terminals which produce a printed receipt.

Do the workers get a lunch break while work is in progress?

Yes, but ONLY during a job that is scheduled to last up to 8 hours. When a Hands You Demand associate is scheduled to work up to 8 hours, he is allowed a 30 minute lunch break during the appointment time. There are no lunch breaks for jobs scheduled to last for 5 hours or less.

Does Hands You Demand have a cancellation policy?

Yes! We understand that sometimes “life happens” and you have to cancel an appointment. To make it convenient for our clients, we schedule appointments with no requirement for pre-payment or guarantee of payment (i.e., we don’t require credit card numbers in advance). That means that if a client cancels a scheduled appointment with little to no notice, it creates a significant loss for us —- we lose the cancelled appointment, but worse, we miss the opportunity to schedule another appointment in its place. When we book your appointment, you own that time slot, and we will never double book our schedule. As such, if you cancel with little to no notice, it puts us in a real pickle. We feel that we have a very fair cancellation policy that allows our clients to give proper notice and not be penalized for the cancellation. HANDS YOU DEMAND’s CANCELLATION POLICY IS AS FOLLOWS:

1. Clients must cancel a confirmed service appointment with at least 24 hours notice by email to [email protected] or by calling 855-968-3362. An appointment cancellation must be confirmed by HYD by return email or phone call to be effective.

2. If you cancel a confirmed service appointment with less than 24-hours notice, you will be charged a fee of $50 PER WORKER scheduled for your job.

3. This policy does not apply to cancellations made by Hands You Demand because of inclement weather.