Employment Opportunities with Hands You Demand

The best way for us to supply our customers with top-quality handyman services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas is to hire permanent workers. Employing good people on a long term basis ensures that we’re able to provide homeowners with handymen in Atlanta who are E-verified, insured, and who have clean criminal records. When it comes to hiring our people, we’re interested in hiring the best handymen in Atlanta. What this means for you, as a prospective employee, is that working for Hands You Demand in Atlanta, GA means working for a company that is committed to you. The way that we provide superior customer service is by holding on to our workers, and treating them as well as we possibly can. A stable, happy workforce means that we, as a team, can ensure that our customers are always satisfied. That’s why we always try to hire permanently. We work best when we know what to expect. At all times, our goal is that we work so our customers can relax. This can mean many different things at different times, but a major theme is that our clients are our bosses. When we’re on a customer jobsite, performing handyman jobs, working in the yard, providing moving services, cleaning a garage, helping with paint, or assisting in some other way, the customer is our foreman. To achieve 100% satisfaction, we do the work in the way that the client specifies. We are at their home to do the work the way they want it to be done. If the customer is unsatisfied, we’re unsatisfied, and if they’re completely happy, so are we! If you’ve read this page, learned about us, what we do, and how it works, and you think it’s all a great idea, please contact us. We’re eager to hear from great workers – so let us hear from you! We look forward to having your help in growing our business and bringing the handyman combined with labor services concept into the 21st century. We think you’ll enjoy working for a company that takes this concept and innovates on it. We think you’ll enjoy working for Hands You Demand.