General Labor and Moving Labor in Atlanta

Our Employees Are Our Most Valuable Resource

Our employees’ performance ultimately determines the success of our company. We work to take good care of our employees and they will work to take good care of you. Our goal is to provide superior service that will always make our customers happy! We can only fulfill our promise of 100% customer satisfaction if your workers are actually permanent employees of the highest caliber.

Trustworthy and Safe

Our employees are thoroughly screened through E-Verify, and also by using criminal background checks, US government watch lists, motor vehicle reports, and verifications of both employment and references. Our top priority is the safety of our customers and employees. This safety and security can only be ensured by us taking the time to carefully consider who we hire . Our People | Hands You Demand | Moving Labor Atlanta

We have full Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Many handyman service providers do not offer full Workers’ Compensation insurance, which leaves you assuming some risks when you hire them. We offer full Workers’ Compensation to help protect you and our general labor employees. Click here to learn more about Workers’ compensation.

Uniformed, Professional, Positive Attitudes

Your “handymen and personal labor crew” reports to you in uniform, fresh, with a positive “let’s get it done” attitude. Their outward professionalism and team pride will be equaled by their ability to carry out task and complete your to-do list, yard work or household chores to your complete satisfaction. The positive attitudes that all of our workers possess serves to make each of our customer’s experience using our service a great one.  

Full Time Company Employees

Our general labor and moving labor in Atlanta are full-time employees whose loyalty we value. We do not hire drifters, illegal immigrants, or people with questionable backgrounds. We are committed to our employees, and they are committed to us. They understand their important role in helping our company succeed in providing homeowners with top notch, temporary general laborers. We work hard while you relax ensuring that your satisfaction is guaranteed.  

Put Us To Work in Atlanta!

Our employees are highly capable at completing handyman work as well as general labor. They are highly skilled at carpentry, minor electrical, minor plumbing, repair work, installs, add-ons, and renovations. They are perfectly at home with yard work, they provide excellent painting services, careful when moving items from place to place, and happy to take on tough cleaning jobs. If you have a different task for us, please contact our Atlanta, GA office. We’ll be happy to discuss the work with you, and whether our workers can take it on.