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  When you need to hire day labor or moving labor in Atlanta and that help needs to be on your schedule, use this form to create a booking with the Hands You Demand office in Atlanta, GA. Our highly skilled Handymen will show up on time, with all the tools necessary to complete your projects. For your other general labor projects our day laborers in Atlanta will arrive ready to use the tools and materials you provide to do the job correctly. Whether your job is carpentry, repairs, renovations, minor electrical, minor plumbing, yard care, painting, moving, clean-ups, or some other household chore, we’ll do the work so that you can relax. All of our handymen and laborers can legally work in the US, and have been carefully screened for criminal activity. Our priority is the safety and security of both you and our workers. Choose us for an excellent “handymen and labor on demand” experience. For more information on hiring day labor or moving labor in Atlanta contact us today!