Hands You Demand – Bridging the Divide between Handyman and General Labor!

We are one of the concept originators, and one of the first companies ever to offer both handyman and organized day labor services on demand to the residential market. In 2005, the concept was born out of necessity, observation, and a desire to provide a great solution to a common problem: people have lots of chores to do, from painting, to yard care, to cleaning, but have no time to do them. Our founder, Lennie Medlin, was working five days a week and tired of having his weekends consumed by house work and “to-dos.” All work and no play, with little time to relax. Lennie started hiring day laborers from his local home supply store or gas station to help him finish his work around the house more quickly. He found that the men he hired did good work and helped accomplish his goal of reclaiming his weekend relaxation time. Lennie was troubled by one key aspect though: Hiring the laborers was a huge risk every time he did it. He always felt uneasy about the eager strangers mobbing his car when he pulled up. He disliked having to make a quick decision to let a couple of them get in his car, and he was also nervous about taking these strangers back home to work in and around his house. The whole situation was dangerous and a huge insurance liability. What if one of his temporary laborers got hurt on his property? In talking to others, Lennie found that 9 out of 10 people he talked to have considered picking up day laborers like he did – only to decide not to do it. But why? Because it’s intimidating, unsafe, unreliable, and overall, too risky. So Lennie developed a solution —- that solution is the concept behind Hands You Demand: Remove the risk and intimidation associated with hiring general labor. Add trustworthiness, reliability, insurance and start-to-finish customer service. Then, offer the entire package to residential consumers. The result is a trustworthy and safe way to hire helping hands. In doing so, jobs are created for good, hardworking people who need a dependable way to support themselves and their families. Everyone wins! In 2014, Lennie further developed the concept by adding an additional handyman service to the business. Many of the same customers who repeatedly used Hands You Demand’s labor services routinely requested skilled workers to take on their more difficult projects. The addition of the handyman service has proved to be very successful and well received by both current and new Hands You Demand customers. We’re working daily to take the concept of combining handyman services with general day labor services to the next level, and have no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Our general laborers are also Handymen Apprentice

We refer to and consider our general labor service workers as “Handymen in training” or “Handymen Apprentices.” These workers often times work with and alongside our professional handymen technicians. They provide our handymen with help on larger projects while at the same time learning the skills necessary to become a professional handyman craftsman. When our apprentices are not working with our handymen they work completing all types of general labor projects that they are more than capable of completing. Our apprentices know that the valuable on-the-job-training they receive from our pro handymen coupled with their own hard work will ultimately turn them into great handymen professionals themselves.

A marriage that just makes sense: Handymen and Handymen Apprentice

One of the biggest complaints we hear in the handyman industry is that so many handyman companies won’t take on customer’s smaller projects. We’ve heard countless stories about customers needing help with both larger handyman projects and smaller “borderline” handyman projects. We’ve heard people report that many handyman companies won’t even call them back or respond to their email request. This is where Hands You Demand bridges that divide. We believe that there is absolutely no project that is too small to take on. Whether it’s moving one piece of furniture or hanging one picture, we WILL do it. By offering both skilled and semi-skilled workers Hands You Demand provides customers great cost-saving options. Some projects are very general and don’t require much skill to perform. It is projects like these where it just makes sense to hire a general laborer and not a highly skilled handyman technician. By using the handyman apprentice in situations like this the cost savings end up being very significant! Of course there’s always the option of using just a handyman or just a handyman apprentice for different projects. But many of our customers like using a handyman to perform skilled projects inside their home while adding a handyman apprentice to work on things outside the home. The apprentices have tons of experience with all types of general labor projects. So while the handyman is inside fixing that leaky faucet the apprentice is outside taking care of your yard work, painting, and cleaning out your garage! Whatever option you choose your projects will be completed professionally, diligently, and 100% to your satisfaction!

Let us redefine the way you think about temporary laborers

Providing manpower for day labor seems like a simple enough idea, but there’s a reason that Hands You Demand is becoming a leader in providing labor on demand — we took a simple concept to new heights. It’s not just about providing workers, it’s about making it an easy decision for people to hire laborers. It’s about providing residential consumers a way to order contract-free, reasonably priced, hard working helpers with the simplicity, confidence, and trust that they would have when doing something as routine as ordering a pizza for delivery. We believe that no other company has ever offered such an experience, surrounded with start-to-finish customer service. For us, it’s about making it easy for people to get help doing things around the house, so they can win back their leisure time! We work, you play – so call us (or book online) today!